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Ohio - General X-ray Machine Operator (GXMO)

Online Didactic Training

The Ohio Department of Health  requires individuals who desire to obtain a GXMO license to complete a course of training approved by the Department.  Continuing Education Providers offers an approved online education course consisting of lectures and quizzes that include the curriculum required by the Ohio Department of Health.  Our online course helps the student to acquire a basic knowledge and practical understanding of the fundamentals of radiation safety and the daily operation of diagnostic x-ray equipment.  We feel that our format of lecture, quiz, practice examinations, and review is the optimal way for students to retain the information necessary to pass the licensing examination.  

On-site Clinical Training

The Continuing Education Providers clinical training course is conducted by a licensed Radiologic Technologist at your facility.  This allows for personalized, hands-on instruction for the exams performed at your facility, minimizing the costs of having staff travel to off-site destinations and attending seminars with no hands-on experience.  Once the student completes the online course he/she contacts Continuing Education Providers to schedule a time for our clinical instructor to come to the student's place of employment to demonstrate radiographic positioning.  The student will learn radiographic positions specific to the license category for which they are applying. This training is separate from the Online Didactic Training

Course Cost

The cost for the Continuing Education Providers didactic program is $475.00.  Included with the course is a textbook and an exam prep workbook.  The cost for on-site clinical training depends on site location, number of modalities, and class size. 

Want To Register?

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